art route Zwolle

For our proposal for the Art Walk in Zwolle, the Netherlands we collaborated with artist Marieke Schoonderbeek. Together we designed 5 ‘moments’ along the route from station to the city center; the new station tunnel, the new station hall, the transition between station plaza tot the main street, and the Singel canal. These moments functions as beacons and accompany you in your walk to town.

The used materials are in relation to the locations on the art walk, and the art works themselves function as stages in the city fabric. The materials are used to interact with the elements wind, water and the sun, as a filter, a fountain and curtains that rushes in the wind and the moving people in the busy train station. One curtain is operated to follow the movement of the sun, as it guides us through the day.

In the city center itself we propose to use a small curtain of metallic fabric that can be attached to the various cultural institutions and as a marker, a moment of recognition, and a link to the art walk from the station. The moments are accompanied with urban elements like letter shaped benches and lanterns. The benches contain references to the past of Zwolle, and ad a poetic layer to the daily movements in the city center of Zwolle.

project data


client:     gemeente Zwolle
team:      Marieke Schoonderbeek, Rob van Houten
status:    competition