Krommenoord is a daycare unit and assisted-living for people with acquired brain injuries in the heart of the small village Krommenie. It serves a public function for the county and is deeply embedded in the social structure of the neighbourhood. This is version 2 of Krommenoord, with less housing units to meet new urban requirements and operational feasability.


The goal of the architectural layout is to assemble independence for the assisted people, and to create a context that is safeguarding without losing sense of human scale. The day care unit operates as a covered street with an open view to avoid disorientation. Facilities – like a wood-workshop or a kitchen – can be opened for interaction and livelihood, or closed off for peace and quiet.


To enhance the sense of home and belonging, the houses are designed to operate as independent units.  They have both a direct relation to an open courtyard as well as the surrounding village. The courtyard is created on top of the day care unit creates a safe and partly controlled environment without being intrusive to the privacy of the residents.


In addition to the previous design a sunlight analysis was incorporated into the design to meet a higher standard. ‘TNO-light’ was applied and visualized. The TNO -light requirement is not a law but a standard that can be applied for reference, and states the a windowsill should receive 2 hours of sunlight between februari 29 and october 21, if applicable. As can be concluded from the visualizations, the complex does not impact the surrounding significantly, and all critical spaces in the complex can adhere to the TNO-light requirements.



Project data

Day care


12 app.
1200 m2 day care

KPO ontwikkeling BV.
€ 4.500.000,-
Preliminary design