the Blurb

The Blurb is an artwork of communication and Light, designed in collaboration with Bas Gremmen.

The concept for the Blurb is to visualize the dense communication in the online media environment through a true spatial art piece. It is a display of the amount and speed of todays social media landscape, its superficial  interactions, abbreviations and contractions. We consume with the speed of light, and reduce communication to a blurb.

The tensegrity structure with ticker tape banners suggest the messages to be floating in a versatile and fluid manner as we experience it in the internet.

A very dominant role is taken by the hashtag in the messages spread around the globe. The hashtag replaces any program, dictionary or encyclopedia. The hashtag acts like a blurb and communicates immediate and ad hoc relevant topics to the users. It is often the driver for the more traditional media like broadcasts or print.

Hashtag symbol

From a specific point the structure can be seen as a hashtag symbol. Coming closer and from different directions you will experience four text lines which seem like to float in the air. The translucent tubes will be enlightened by LE- ticker-tape. The spectator will be able to recognize and relate to the messages transmitted, interacting by designated trigger words that are filtered by the artworks social media filter. The text will be slightly blurred to densify and materialize the otherwise superfluous media composure.

Tensegrity structure

The work is realised as a true tensegrity structure. Four tubular steel tubes will be connected by steel wire to a robust an stabile self supporting structure which can be placed on land, pontoon or scaffolding structure in the water. The steel wires are accentuated with lumiwire to enlighten the complete structure.



Project data

Client:      Amsterdam Light Festival
Team:      Bas Gremmen, Rob van Houten
Budget:    € 25.000,-,  ex tax, transp. & placement
Date:        2017