Our practice is about emergence; researching, defining and creating new qualities in the build environment.


The environment is a major concern. We focus on achieving the best results in reduction of energy consumption, reusability, environment conscious use of resources, intelligent typologies and creating a healthy environment for the users. Whenever possible we try to accommodate the common standards systematics, if they make sense. We have no bias towards low or high tech solutions.

integrated design

Architectural engineering is a vital part of the design process, in all fields of the build environment. Engineering is by nature integrating sustainable technical and user requirements as part of the design process. Collaboration in engineering is the best guarantee for success. We build on the best possible team for the project.


Our practice is about emergence. Architecture, and our other work, cannot be described or understood by the properties of its composing elements. The interaction of the composing elements create new properties, and are not a balanced equation. We therefor focus on the elementary and create a narrative on the new properties in the design.