The first half Circle is hovering above the bridge. A nice view with the canalhouses in the back. Now the half circle is detached from the support you can see how little grip we have to put everything in position around the bridge……

A video from the moment the ring is pulled of its base,

A video from the actual lift around the bridge,

The guy with the orange jacket is the Master Chief today! His is king with his crane. He is adjusting the arm like it is his own. Blindfolded if necessary I’m sure! His name is Sander and he is from the company B.Q. de Ruyter en Duiker.


The front trailer has an enormous arm with a potential lenght of 28 meter. This arm lifted the first piece of the supporting structure and on the picture you can see the rotation process alongside of the bridge. This is a lenghty process as the rotation needs to be done by hand and with two pulleys simultaniously.