Aeon is a circular shape with a moebius structure. Waves of light of changing color and intensity run and rotates in various speeds in reaction to its surroundings. The ring and the moebius structure represents the richness and circular movement of our lives, and the interactions and encounters we experience every day. These experiences give color and meaning to life; it is the light in our existence.

Aeon is a freestanding object that is to be viewed from different angles. The 3 dimensional twist of the mobiusstrip playes with your senses by shifting orientation and blending sides into each other, accompanied by the moving light. Visitors have an immersive experience and will be challenged to interact as Aeon wil react on their proximity.

The ring has a mathematical center of 5 meter in diameter, and a section of 1.2 meters by 30 cm. These dimensions are flexible within limits, depending on the actual location it is placed.The rings shape is stable structuraly, and made of steel. The ring can stand on an edge or be hung from adjacent buildings or structures. The ring is stabilized with wires. It can also be mounted around a bridge.For transport the ring can be split in 2 elements with container dimensions.

Aeon contains 125 meter of RGB Led strip by 5 meter diameter. The high power Led strip is of watertight quality (IP67), 24V and runs on a DMX architecture. It contains 4 universes and a computer which translates the sensors input into inticing light of different color and brightness in motion.

The Led is covered with 3 mm polycarbonate diffuser on both sides, is UV protected and impact resistant. The polycarbonate is sealed to keep dirt out.