Aileron is a playful yet elegant shelf system. It is flexible, modular and can be combined into a great variety of shapes. It comes in a variety of subtle interior colors and can be extended and changed for changing needs and wishes. Its appearance resembles the subtle curves of an airplane wing and the control it provides with flaps and ailerons.

The flat sheets of metal that form the base of Aileron can be efficiently laser cut with a minimum of waste. After bending and coating four elements are mounted together with high tech aircraft glue technology: gel-tape. The structural bond of geltape and the shape of the metal sheets provide for a strong and reliable support for everyday objects.

The base element can be placed in four positions on the wall, creating an endless variety of combinations on shelf shapes and sizes. The mounting base is a square grid of mounting elements – a ‘Rose’ – that rotate according to the direction of the joint. Each shelf element is supported by two roses, and the supporting function of the downward facing wing of the element

The surface color is neutral, and the interior color subtle. This color is exposed in the curved joint and at and the edges of the (combined) shelf, giving Aileron its distinctive appearance. The joints of the elements always fits due to its rotational mirror symmetry, and the overlap is used to align neighboring elements with a strong magnet. The rose rotates around a center point – with a bit of clearance – and all mounting is concealed with a cap.

Aileron can be combined into a great variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns and shelf sizes of different dimensions. As a potential addition, the gaps between the sheets can be used to integrate electric wires, and the roses can be used to add a light in the joints that accentuate the subtle colors of Aileron.