Oase Hotel

Oase hotel is concept for a family hotel in the Buiksloterham, Amsterdam Noord. Buiksloterham is a former industrial area with little to none public space. The goal of the hotel was to address this omission by introducing a large glass house over the hotel, creating a mild climate and tranquil outdoor space in the otherwise noisy and windy area.

The rooms have view over the surroundings and into the atrium, and the larger rooms at the corner of the segmented slab have balcony’s in the atrium. The rooms have a traditional 3 star floor surface, but with a 2 room arrangement to accommodate families with small children. The center bathroom can be split into a separate toilet and shower, or combined as one large bathroom for extra luxury, as well as providing soundproofing between the rooms.



project data

Status:                  Concept
Client:                   Steengoed BMA
Gross surface:    6000 m2