Trefoil Squared

Trefoil squared is a free standing, lightweight, self supporting interactive artwork of light. Its colored LED light reacts to people crossing with waves and patterns of various colors and intensity.

It is based on the mathematical principle of the trefoil knot minimal surface – rationalized into 6 hyperbolic paraboloids – symbolizing science and knowledge as a bridge through time and history.

Placed on (Jubilee) bridge in Singapore it emphasizes the horizon, the view on the surroundings and marks the ‘rite the passage’ when crossing.

Trefoil squared is lightweight and easy to place and transport. It is made out of 6 segments that can fold flat. Each segment has a weight of approx. 50 kg. No special lifting equipment is required.

The 6 segments make a continuous band that creates a structural balance and keep all 6 elements unfolded. Trefoil is an open structure and therefore not susceptible to wind.

Trefoil is constructed with standard scaffolding material. It is therefore scalable and highly adaptable to local conditions. It can be secured to the ground or other structure using standard scaffolding mounting materials.

The dispersion of light is achieved by robust agricultural solid nylon wire.



Project data


i Light Singapore
18.000 S$ (Singaporean Dollar)