Carpe Lumen

A life-size pinbed of light

Is light a particle or energy? In science both apply – although not at the same time. In the Lightbed both physical qualities are materialized simultaneously.
In Lightbed light is made physical as a grid of light beams that can be moved, as if it were objects. With the Lightbed you can make full body imprint in light, creating an ephemeral presence of you body. A moment in time in which light is standing still and becomes physical.

Playful interaction with light made physical

Imagine that you push your body in to the pinbed, sliding the small rods into position while the light flushes over you’re face and body. You will feel the light getting more immersive and intense when you move into the bed, like a flush of sunlight over your closed eyes.
The imprint is a moment to picture and remember, and try positions and mix different moments in time.
A handle resets the lightbeams in the starting position, so you can start over!

Light materialized

Light is both particle and energy depending how you look at it and it travels at a speed we perceive as instant. We are actually looking into the past. Light embodies all dimensions we can perceive; mass, energy and time.
In the Pinbed light is made tangible and physical, as well as radiant. Something you can relate to with your both body and eyes. The moment in which light is hitting physical matter – making the world around us visible – is made into a process that can be frozen and perceived – in time. The process itself becomes an a joyful and immersive physical experience that the visitor can experiment and play with.

Seize the Light – Carpe Lumen