VeloCity is a tribute to one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind and to the celebrated cycling culture of Amsterdam.

The installation resembles an oversized lifelike bicycle wheel. The spectacular lighting effects are created by the luminous spokes and enhanced by the rotating movement of the wheel. The colors used in the lighting scheme are very subtle and unobtrusive, as that is essential in order to create visually comfortable lighting object.

Since the bicycle is the most democratic means of transportation we would also like to address the topics of democracy and citizen’s engagement in urban processes. Therefore we are planning to collaborate with Netwerk Democratie and to develop a VeloCity App, that will allow the audience to take part in surveys where the wheel can be used as a media channel. Besides that, we want to stimulate creativity – using that app people can participate in co-creation of the lighting effects. And, just in case, the ?tle VeloCity stands for both – speed and the cycling city.

Visitors will see a gigantic lifelike bicycle wheel. First of all, they will definitely experience the joy of recognition – an unexpected interpretation of a known everyday object. The next layer – they will enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of a spinning wheelzaccentuated by the refined, subtle colors of the luminous spokes. And lastly, visitors will be encouraged to participate in public debates and co-creation of the lighting effects.